Plasma in Industry

In industry surface properties can be selectively modified with plasma. A formerly hydrophobic polymer surface becomes hydrophilic, allowing uniform wetting with various liquids. Plasma is thus ideally suited for the chemical-free surface treatment before painting, gluing or printing, an adhesion optimization is achieved. Again, the plasma produced no environmentally harmful, expensive to dispose of waste products. Plasmas have the property of penetrating into the smallest cavities and slits, so that even the flexible treatment of complex, difficult-to-access, geometries is possible.

In the temperature-sensitive plastics industry, microelectronics or optics industry, the use of commercially available plasma systems often leads to the destruction of the treated material. A truly cold plasma device, as represented by the kINPen®IND, is therefore ideal for the treatment of thermolabile materials.

Plasma is not a universal remedy, nor is it magic, but its possible fields of application are surprisingly diverse: surfaces made from diverse materials can be coated, functionalised, sterilised or polished. Pollutants, smells and germs can be eliminated from exhaust air. Seeds treated with plasma grow faster and produce greater yields. It is used for propulsion in space travel, but can also be used for the painless treatment of human and animal wounds. That’s why our world is plasma!