Optional accessories for kINPen®IND

The high-performance gas mixing station

We offer our customers optional accessories for the kINPen®IND. The high-performance gas mixing station (GMU) is based on state-of-the-art mass flow controllers for admixing non-corrosive molecular gases (compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen) to the process gas (e.g. argon) with the following specifications:

  • Four gas channels (specify flow rate when ordering)
  • Accuracy ±(0.5% of reading +0.2% of Full Scale)
  • Repeatability ±0.2% of Full Scale
  • ensures well defined and highly reproducible experimental setups
  • Settings exclusively via USB interface
  • User friendly PC Software included

Gas Supply Unit

Our Gas Supply Unit (GSU) is CE-certified and has the following specifications:

  • one gas channel supply unit with a flow indicator and flow control for none corrosive molecular gases (air, nitrogen, oxygen) or argon
  • recommended for usage of kINPen® handheld device with its reactive/shielding gas head
  • can be attached to kINPen® main unit and GMU (gas mixing unit)
  • also separately usable for other experiments and processes

High voltage generator HVG-6

The HVG-6 is designed for the supply of atmospheric pressure plasma sources up to a maximum power consumption of 1 kVA. The high voltage is controlled by means of a front potentiometer up to max. 6 kVpp adjustable. The frequency of the high voltage is dependent on the load on a frequency between about 8 kHz to about 20 kHz. The high voltage is released separately after the device has been started up.

The HVG-6

kINPen® XY-positioning stage including holder

for the automated guidance of the APPJ kINPen®IND

  • Drive: 4 stepping motor with 1600 steps/rev (1/8 Step)
  • 2 motors for constant clearance during operation
  • Guide ways X and Y axle 22 mm / Z Axis 16mm, grinded and with 61hrc hardened surface
  • Traverse paths: X=400 mm; Y=300 mm; Z=110 mm

The kINPen® XY-positioning stage including holder

We also offer electrode heads for molecular gases and noble gases as well as adapters for the use of an additional process gas (eg helium).